Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For upcoming valentines...

Yes, I know... this looks familiar. That's because I've posted this illustration awhile back. Now I've tweaked it up a bit, added a background design and some texture and wahla! An iphone wallpaper just for you! Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

iPhone, iPhone and more iPhone!

Finally after many months of waiting, I've finally acquired my very own iPhone! woo hoo! (With compliment of course from my wonderful and generous hubby.) :D
Surfing thru numerous sites that let you pimp your iPhone, this one site caught my eye!

They've got beautiful wallpapers featuring artist from around the world and I totally fell in love with the site. Check it out --> http://poolga.com/en/

Thanks Reese for sharing this with me!

And so, being inspired by the beautiful illustrations, I decided to wipped up one of my own. :)

Introducing Octojelly! I couldn't quite decide if I wanted it to be an octopus or a jellyfish...

Feel free to download it for your iPhone, iPod touch or any of your mobile/pda devices. Enjoys!

p.s: more to come... ;)